Interview with... Bipolar Sunshine

Bellows of 'so love more and worry less' echo around The Big Top as Bipolar Sunshine's first ever Bestival show comes to an end. The line itself could have been custom made for Bestival itself; a festival where love and happiness rule over all, and Adio Marchant, aka Bipolar Sunshine, may well be one of its chief wielders.

He can go home happy with his final festival of the summer under his belt, which he went about in his usual fashion. Lolloping around the stage in a baggy silk shirt and a now accustomed tall mountain of hair, his striking look and soulful vocals are hard not to notice. I was lucky enough to catch up with the man himself where we spoke about his style, new tunes and his Bestival experience, whilst in the company of Sam Smith wailing within earshot...

How did you feel your first appearance at Bestival went?
Really well, I enjoyed it. It's my first time playing here and I’m new so it’s nice that people turned out, it’s amazing.

You’re here for the rest of the weekend, what have you got planned?
Just go with it, I’m gonna just see where it takes me, no real plans to watch anyone except for maybe Outkast, but that’s about it.

Have you had a chance to look around yet?
I haven’t had time yet, but I think now I’m gonna try and see some bands and I can hear Sam Smith so I’ll probably go and see some of his set which is sounding good. It’s a nice little festival, it’s chilled.

Having played Glastonbury and Reading & Leeds, how do you think Bestival compares?
I like the vibe here, everyone seems really into the music and having a good time. There’s no point going to a festival with a negative attitude so you may as well just try and enjoy yourself. I’m just here to try and help them enjoy it more, I suppose that’s the main thing.

I’ve noticed your interest in your fashion is very apparent, would you say?
Yeah man, to me I don’t really think about it. It’s stuff I feel comfortable in so I wear stuff that I just generally like, I don’t think about it too much or it just gets all a bit ‘mirrory’!

I’m sure you’ll see lots of people around Bestival dressed up, are you doing anything special yourself for it?
I’m just gonna walk around and see some stuff, everyone seems chilled and I’ve seen some mad styles going off.

Are the rest of your band hanging around as well?
Nah it’s just me man. I’ve got a few friends here so I’m just gonna ride with them. Going home now would just be pointless.

What have you got coming up next then?
In November we’re going to Paris and then we’ve got a tour next year so that’s gonna be amazing, I can’t wait for that. That’s just gonna have so many new songs I wanna play because at a festival you’re doing a circuit of songs and there’s not time in between to revise a whole new set of songs. So now I wanna bring in so many new songs and really step the levels up even higher.

If you could tip another artist to do well within the next year who would you suggest?
I’d say ‘Little Silver’. I know a lot of his stuff and I feel like he’s got a vibe which is suiting people, who can really get into it. There’s another guy called ‘August&Us’ that is making some great music in Manchester, so if I were to name it off the top of my head it’d be them two. 

By Joshua Shreeve (@JJShreeve)

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