Interview with... IYES

We are big fans of IYES ever since they burst onto the scene a couple of years ago with "Lighthouse". A few demos since and a couple of singles too the band has got a lot bigger and they're set to explode, so we fired some questions to the Melis and Josh!

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn't heard of you?
We're a boy girl duo Josh and Melis. We make pop music. Our sound is electronic, with a little R'n'b twist, combined with Lindsay Buckingham style guitars. We have two very different lead vocals, one male and one female, which create another dimension within the music. It's a very rich and detailed production, quite epic I'd say. We do everything wholeheartedly. With us it's all or nothing.

After releasing some great singles in 2014 and some fabulous demos last year, do you have another release in the pipeline?
Yep. We're releasing a single, which we're really busy with right now. It will be out before you know it. ;)

If you could cover an artist who would it be and why?
Last year we covered Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" because I've always loved that track since I was a child! people seem to dig that cover, which is ace and we're really pleased how that worked out. This year, I think we're gonna focus on putting out our own music and see what people say! The thing with covers is, the less you plan them, the better they turn out. But to be fair, I really wanna do a cover of Sam Smith's "I'm not the only one." I love that tune. - We'll keep ya posted!

Who or what at made you want to be a musician?
With me, It kinda just happened when I realized I had emotions that needed to be expressed in a way. when I was around 12 I started to connect and admire and obsess over certain songs that I found beautiful. A year later i got given a guitar for my birthday, and that was the first thing that sparked my own creativity.

I believe it was a similar process for Josh, even-though his first instrument was drums, so he was definitely more upset than me at that age, haha.

Going on from the question before, who are your influences?
Fleetwood Mac (!!) , Phil Collins, Abba, The Beatles... We love good song-writing. Productionwise, Scott Storch.

When creating new tunes how do you go about it? Is it a vocal melody, a guitar structure or do you wrap music around some lyrics?
It's different each time. Usually we figure out most of the structure and the main hooks first. We always start with either a guitar/piano acoustically. Then josh takes over the production. Finally we come up with the lyrics, which is the most challenging and the longest part of the process, as we're pretty OCD about them.
Sometimes though, we just start with a random beat and backing vocals, and we write a song on the back of that. That's how we wrote "Til Infinity"!

If you could curate a gig of your own with an unlimited budget, who would be on the bill?
Friday: Sia + Destiny's Child
Saturday: efterklang + Radiohead
Sunday: Bon iver + Fleetwood Mac

What bands are you currently listening to?
We're loving DEATHS and Years and Years at the moment, big time. Also Josh Record, Kwabs, Ben Pearce - we're diggin.

Last but not least, what are we going to expect from IYES in the next 12 months?
We're gonna release new music and hopefully an album. We've been writing a lot of new music lately, and there are some tracks we're very excited to share with the world soon.

We've also launched our own label, Love by Mistake, and we have big plans, some of which are already in progress. There's going to be a lot happening there.
Take a look!

We're more excited than ever.
Stay tuned!

Thanks to Melis for the answers, check out their Beyonce cover they spoke about below!

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