Interview with... Strangers

Not random people on the street, but the Northampton via London band Strangers. I fire over some questions to their vocalist David Maddox-Jones and chat about their influences, what they're listening to and new material!

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn't heard of you?
Mmm I'd describe it as eating your favourite meal, satisfying.

After releasing some great singles in 2014 and last year, do you have another single in the pipeline?
 We are working on the album as a whole at the moment and when that is finished we will pick the first single. Lots of potentials at the moment...
Will we ever see "Broken" getting a release? It was one of your early tracks that you played last year if you can't remember it.
Mmm we do like that track a lot so it will go somewhere, maybe as a bonus track on the album? 

If you could cover an artist who would it be and why?
Annie Lennox because she's amazing! Sweet dreams is such a classic. Who or what at made you want to be a musician? When you get the music bug inside you it's impossible to shake. Music means everything to us. The feeling you get when your working on a great song or playing an amazing show is indescribable. 

Going on from the question before, who are your influences?
Literally everything. We like big epic pop stuff usually. Couldn't pick an artist. Recently we've been listening to Sohn, imagine dragons, M83, Beyonce, Charlie XCX. We listen to artists for different reasons. We might like a drum sound from one track, a production idea from another..
When creating new tunes how do you go about it?
It depends sometimes its me (David) writing a full song on a piano and taking it into the studio, or we work from a beat or chord sequence/sound in the studio. We tend to work on lyrics together these days. It's a really fun process watching it all come together.
If you could curate a gig of your own with an unlimited budget, who would be on the bill?
Mmmmm the headliner would have to be someone ridiculous if the budget was unlimited, probably M83, The Killers, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche mode, maybe break up the epicness with some Ricky Gervais comedy.

What bands are you currently listening to?
Imagine dragons, Abba, Various Artists 

Last but not least, what are we going to expect from Strangers in the next 12 months?
A d├ębut album and the all of the promise that that will bring. The album will be the best thing we've ever made together so lets see where it can take us.

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