Introducing... VITAMIN

Just think about your perfect summer drink and your perfect summer snack. Put them together and you come close to the sun-kissed indie-pop feast that Leeds based four-piece Vitamin serve up. Built around their infectious choruses and crafty tempo shifts, the band follow the mantra that simplicity is often better than complexity. Forming as a quartet from previous bands Glassbody and Jack Is, the band have quickly built up a name for themselves on the Leeds circuit.

Vitamins come in different forms and serve for different means; as applies to the band’s back catalogue. ‘Need Air’ proves darkly moody but effervescently open, while new single ‘To Believe’ boasts a summer vibe incorporating upbeat melodies and hooks that will keep your summertime mood going long into the winter months. There’s an aura surrounding their tunes that never fails to supply a sparkle and the feel good factor will always linger on. 

For such a youthful band, Vitamin are certainly making all the right steps and have an encouraging future ahead. 

For fans of // Swim Deep, Peace and Superfood

Written by Richard Maver (@richmaver)