Track of the week... FMLYBND - Young Wild

Normally we post a track that we've been absolutely been loving for a while for this feature, but today I got sent this and I've been playing it non-stop ever since, there must be love there! So lets introduce you to them, FMLYBND are from Isla Vitsa in sunny California - which as of late seems to be a mecca for anthematic Indie-pop!

"Young Wild" is the band's second track within a year, following on from their half-a-million synth-pop track "Electricity" you'd be thought that it would be a tall order to follow it. Well you'd be wrong, "Young Wild" is even more anthematic than the track before it, with massive vocal bridges building the song up to hit you when the chorus drops it's just a wash of electronic eargasm! Be sure to keep an eye on this band as I can see them having a very busy 12 months ahead of them after this track!

"Young Wild" was produced by Eric Palmquist (Bad Suns, Wavves) and is taken from their upcoming EP "Back To Life", with drops on October 7th.

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