Track of the week... Frett - West Coast

After the success of Frett's cover of "West Coast" by Lana Del Rey, and the sheer amount of views it was getting in the past week we've decided to make it 'Track of the week' this week, and not a lot of bands get TWO features in this segment either, I'm a bit stick in the mud like that.

But their cover has been a wonderful thing to listen to, with some beautiful harmonious vocals from their guest vocalist Clarice Parrott. Her vocals give the band that added layer, people need to start taking Frett seriously, it looks like they mean business! It's been a great 12 months for the band, with a lot of people seeing them come from no-where and coming out with some absolutely great songs. You can be sure to see Frett getting noticed by labels soon, mark my words, they're on the up, and big time, move over London Grammer and Alt-J!

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