Introducing... High Tyde

High Tyde are reminding everyone that there is a vibrant scene in Brighton, and these South coast lads are here with something energetic and upbeat! They've been a band for a while now, but it's only recently they've found their sound, think of a upbeat Foals with a dace-floor-filler influence crossed with some distorted vocals.

(C) Nathan McLaren-Stewart
 The tracks that they feature on their soundcloud page range from the fairly relaxed Indie-Pop gem, "Karibu" to the insanely catchy "Mustang Japan", and the latter is where we go next. It's the band at their finest, with loads of sounds going on, background noise filled with ambient sounds from a city, great deep and prominent vocals and a chorus that can hook anyone! The more you get into the track the heavier it gets, with the bass cracking up a notch in the last minute or so, a great little number to get exicted by.

And that's not it, their party trick is "Talk To Frank", a track we've even had as our 'Track of the week' earlier on in the year, this is the one that'll get everyone dancing at a gig. Keep an eye on this lot, they've already supported some pretty ace bands, and it looks like they're ready to blow up!

For fans of // Peace, Foals, Coasts

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