Introducing... United Fruit

When you see loads of music industry people get excited about a new band you know there must be something afoot. Well, United Fruit is the band in question and after playing a few showcase gigs in London they're fast becoming a band that'll see themselves on festival bills next year as well as 'Sounds of 2016' lists. They're also currently in SXSW which may explain why so many music boffs are getting wet over them at the moment too, and I can see why!

Their most recent track - "Ghost Inside Your Head" - reminds us of the sounds and style of Los Angeles band Funeral Party, with the song's chorus bringing you in to sing along with it. They certainly have a dark edge to their tracks, like they do in the opening minute of "Ghost Inside Your Head", but also they can seem to switch it up in an instance into something that's filled with hooks and summer vibes. Their oldest track currently on their Soundcloud page sounds like it's been recorded on cassette tape, but it's great to see they've kept the energy from three years ago, and sometimes it's hard to put that into a recording, especially when it's a demo.

When United Fruit come back to the UK be sure to check them out, they're clearly one of the exciting band to see live!

For fans of // Funeral Party, Dananananaykroyd, Tellison

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