Track of the week... Coquin Migale - G O L D

We've been waiting for it like you, but this week's 'Track of the week' is Newcastle's very own Coquin Migale's "G O L D". The "G O L D" video - which we also premièred - comes ahead of the release of the track on 20th April from their acclaimed EP "FEEL". The video was shot and directed by Louis Hvejsel Bork and captures the intense high speeds the band get to in 'G O L D' with it's battering of guitars and sweeping vocals.

Take a trip with the band's silhouettes through forests, roads and plumes of colour, in the video for "G O L D" below! If there's one thing to be said about Coquin Migale, it would be that it's hard to put your finger on exactly what they're all about. Whatever it is though ought to be burrowing through the obscurities and turning heads their way.