Claire's stolen equipment has turned up!

When Claire's equipment was stolen in London last year we didn't necessarily think that there would be a happy end. Fortunately we were proven wrong.
The Munich band posted on Facebook yesterday to explain how they managed to get hold of their gear again. Read the incredible story below.

After a long journey to a small village in Lithuania (3600km, nearly 40 hours in the car and loads of sugar), we were able to pick up almost all of the instruments that were stolen from us in London over 6 months ago.
We can't express how lucky and thankful we feel.
We still can't believe that this insane odyssey now really has come to a happy end!
Lots of Love!

"We still can't believe what happened. After realizing that you guys might be really interested in what exactly happened, we're going to tell you this insane story from the beginning.
Last September we went to London to play two shows, we were really looking forward to. We arrived late and went to sleep. The next morning we noticed, our rental bus with all our instruments and equipment included was stolen over night. After immediately informing police, we started to realize, that our stuff might be gone for good. The day after, we had to rent a car and drove back to Munich - emptyhanded. 
London police didn't have any success, so our hope got smaller and smaller and we started to think how to start over again.
Two of our wireless in-ear systems appeared on ebay UK some time later and police seized them immediately, but got no further information where the rest of our equipment or the van was gone.
Then suddenly and out of nowhere, we received an anonymous tip that our stuff would be in Lithuania. We gave all the info to the police there and they found and seized everything. 
If you think that's the end of the story, you're wrong. Communication between the different police institutions and countries was very difficult and we were powerless. Nothing really happened for 4 months, we didn't know if it was really there, no pictures or any proof, if the instruments were still working or damaged. 
Last week we got the call that Lithuanian authorities now finally have all required permits so we went there.
We really didn't know what to expect, so we were really excited - in euphoric as well as in frightened ways, to be honest.
But everything except two items and the rental van is now home again. We can't believe it.
Josie, Flo, Messel, Nepi, Fridl"