Gig Review… Rich Aucoin & San Cisco @ Strom, Munich, 31st March 2015

On March 31st Germany experienced some horrific storms. Train lines were damaged to the extent that some trains won't be running for days, roads were blocked by massive trees and entire forests destroyed. To make matters worse snow had returned.
Most people in Munich had been looking forward to spring and summer - and were left bitterly disappointed by the subsequent weather developments. 
That, however, is where San Cisco step in: the Australian band's happy and light atmosphere made sure that at least one place in Munich was experiencing summer at its finest - the small venue Strøm.  
Rich Aucoin provided one of the most creative and weird - in a positive sense that is - support shows I have ever seen. Arriving just minutes before the scheduled start of his set, Rich took to the stage to perform what can only be described as something straight from a trippy, music-loving film fan's imagination. The Canadian built up his show with film snippets, on-screen karaoke lyrics for the crowd, a massive colourful parachute draped over the entire audience and brilliant entertainment skills. Rich Aucoin's performance was one of those typical "you had to be there" shows - so make sure you go and see him play live. 
San Cisco then took to the stage in a slightly unusual formation: bass player Nick Gardner had to be replaced for the tour as he had shot himself in the foot while on a hunting trip. No joke. (Since Nick will make a full recovery the band and the entire audience seemed to decide that the incident was in fact very funny).

The Aussie quartet's sound was perfect, their sweet guitar sounds exhibited perfectly alongside the incredible voice of Jordi Davieson. San Cisco started their set smiling and full of energy; yoyo-ing back and forth between their debut and current album. 
A cover of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" led to San Cisco's final two songs after which they left the stage. Jordi returned onstage for the encore performing "Skool" before being joined by the rest of the band for a closing performance of "Run". 

With the bad weather in Germany set to continue for at least a couple of days we can only hope that more summer-inducing bands such as San Cisco find their way to Munich.