Gig Review... Wolf Alice @ The Junction, Cambridge, 10th April 2015

Ever since seeing them open for Peace three years ago at The Portland Arms we've been a fan of theirs, since then they've opened for Wolf Alice at The Junction a year later, and last year the band headlined The Portland Arms, so what was next? A headline show at The Junction, it's only fitting that they chose it as the last show of their tour, and was it well worth it!

The night was opened by Cambridge residents Bloody Knees who seriously got the crowd warmed up, then The Magic Gang followed them, but everyone was excited to see the band of the moment, Wolf Alice.

Their set opened with two tracks that everyone loves, they batted first with their 2013 single "Fluffy" which with the energy of the song instantly got a pit on the floor and crowd surfers, you could see the band were enjoying it! After that came "She", yet another heavier track. But the next three were all very different, first off was "Your Love's Whore" which has only really been recorded as a session track for NME, which some fans already knew the words to! Then came the "Blush" EP's closing track, the very delicate "90 Mile Beach", most likely used to calm down the crowd and to give the band a rest from the furious songs!

New track "The Wonderwhy" came next, closely followed by "Storms" and "You're A Germ", which are all staple tracks of their set as of the past year. However, things took a turn towards Electronica with a track off their debut album called "Soapy Water", no guitars, Ellie singing with no instruments, electronic drum pad and synths, all very interesting, as you can see from the instagram video below.

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The night closed with a wash of singles from the past three years, with Bloody Knees invaiding the stage on the last track, after the last track - "Moaning Lisa" came to a close Wolf Alice, Bloody Knees and The Magic Gang all came onstage and bowed out, this was not just a gig, but more of a performance in how big Wolf Alice really can be!

Go and see them on their next tour, you won't regret it!