Introducing...Antonine x H1987

Created by virtual music duo H1987 and Antonine, and is evidence that the best encounters in life happen often by chance. 

H1987, though passionate about music for years, has been creating his work under this pseudo since 2012. He collaborates regularly with different artists and has already produced many notable remixes.

Antonine, the female vocalist on the album, is a musician and graphic designer who has been singing for as long as she can remember. Though she is classically trained, she has a wide span of vocal styles from lyrical, to pop, rock and electro. These two artists, who are in some ways similar and others, extremely different, were able to bring their musical talents together virtually..

In his search for a new artistic collaboration, H1987 was surfing on soundcloud when he came across Antonine’s profile and listened to her cover of a song by Kate Bush. Intrigued by her voice, he sent her an email which started off this virtual duo. 

Check out this dreamy, multi textural number 'FOOL' starting off super chilled but by the end of it you're arms are in the air and your dancing around your front room. I'm definitely one of their newest fans and I'm sure you will be too.

For fans of // Kate Bush, Goldrapp,