The Away Days are all set for the UK

Every time The Away Days come over to the UK they have a great single in tow, and this time round they're bringing along their cracking new tine "Calm Your Eyes" along too. Since playing their first show back in the UK around two years ago they keep on getting asked back again and again, and no wonder!

With their unique blend of Indie-Pop hooks, dreamy guitars, and soft vocals all flavoured with a Mediterranean last of summer vibes they're looking to stay in the UK in the not so distant future. The two shows they'll be playing this time round is at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen in London on the 6th of May, supported by Swim Mountain and Honey Moon, and the other is at The Alternative Escape in Brighton 8 days later at The Mesmerit at 5pm.

Scroll on down to get tickets for their headline London show, it's set to be a cracker!

Tickets / The Away Days @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen - 6th May 2015