Track of the week... Port Isla - A.L.I.V.E.

Port Isla have been on the up for a while now, and in the past year they've been growing in every respect very quickly. This year sees their new track "A.L.I.V.E." see them go more Electronic but without keeping their Folk edge and what makes them unique. From the off the piano keys draw you in, and then the guitars come right at you. The track already sounds like a summer smash hit and based on this track alone Port Isla are aiming high!

And why not, they're certainly a band we've been championing for a long time, and now people are also seeing what we saw in them. Since signing to Parlophone they've been on tour with Rae Morris, George Ezra and currently with James Bay, and it looks like they'll be in the charts in no time too! "A.L.I.V.E." is years of hard work paying off, the track is solid, festival ready and has hooks all over it!

Read our interview with Port Isla here and find out what they think of the festival season, who their perfect support act would be and many more!

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