ZOHARA releases new track ‘Bass and Drum’

Tel Aviv producer and vocalist ZOHARA is amongst the new breed slowly reclaiming pop from the mainstream; stripping off the gloss in favour of something more measured yet still retaining the warm and joyful sensibilities that make the genre so appealing. ZOHARA’s new track ‘Bass and Drum’ is firmly in the latter camp; pristine vocals with a charming lilt, sitting atop a mesh of dizzy electronica where bracings of synth static fall between the D&B snaps. It’s light and expansive, laced with hints of the dark pop that SOHN practises. Dividing her time between Tel Aviv and London, this is a cut from the wealth of material ZOHARA’s been putting together in her bedroom studio – from what we’ve heard it’s all really quite incredible, let alone the fact it’s a DIY production. Look out for more in the near future.