Introducing... Jasper Wilde

Jasper Wilde, a 22 year old French native, lives in a world where he takes from the past and makes new. ‘Miss Stone’ is the debut release from the mercurial musician who grew up on the Riviera, listening to music as diverse as Kool & The Gang, Dr Dre, Midnight Star and Prince. For years, he sang the songs which would go on to inspire his own creations with an acoustic guitar on The Croisette. He stopped pursuing a medical degree to relocate to London and begin exploring a musical career. A chameleon of talent, Jasper is not only a singer, but can also turn his hand to playing the guitar, bass and keyboard. After learning for two years about the production side of music, he has since produced and collaborated with other artists including Bo Saris, Talay Riley, Preditah and Ghosts of Venice. Jasper loves the glamour of films and fashion, as well as the music from the 50’s 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. His charismatic nature and gentlemanly ways pull you into his “Wilde World.” His first release is to give you a taste of what’s more to come.

The forthcoming “One” EP includes “Little Miss Stone” ,“What Happens on the Dance floor, “I Know U Know” and the ever-infectious “Talkin’ bout Me.” EP Release date - 15th June 2015