New Swiss Festival w/ Danish Headliner "GO GO BERLIN"

About two years I came across and had the honor to watch a band at a festival about three (!!!) times. They played a radio show, showcase outside somewhere on the Reeperbahnfestival and an A-Class Clubshow at Indra, where the beatles had their first concert outside of the UK in Hamburg.

Now I've been following these guys eversince and they are rising fast. Not only headlining my once-hometown's finest "Openair Wettingen" but also they've played Maifeld Derby in front of several thousand people. All of them are just about 24-25 years old and after maybe 200-300 concerts they are still looking good. I had a chat with leadsinger and baller Christian Vium about announcing the first headline Festival show in switzerland, perhaps, ever outside of their country? Have a read:

Go Go Berlin in Aargovia. once again. Any last memories of the past night in Royal Cinema Baden?
  • Yeah, is that the concert with the tall wall, right next to the stage, i climbed up on? I love when stages looks different - gives you an opportunity to change your show every time! But yeah, we were quite hung over (we have a say that Switzerland ALWAYS get's GGB drunk!!!), but that's good for us, helps up relax a bit more.. we often play better then.
You will be headlining the great young festival Openair Wettingen. It's possibly as young as you guys are. But recently there are new young guys running it. Searching for thruthful entertaining bands. What are you going to do if it's a rainy day and you took your white panties on and everywhere is mud and such?
  • "Searching for truthful entertaining bands" ... sounds like they got the right band then!! haha. Like i said, i love different settings, different crowds... We always try to get the best of the situations! And we fucking love the "headlining" status.. it builds up the expectations, and steps up our game!
You will be hosted at the hotel which was named after the guy who wrote the swiss national anthem poem right beside the stage. What is your story with the danish poem, tell us. Cause (du du du du du du du doo...) I wonder . . . 
  • With the danish national anthem? Hm, actually we have two.. and the second one is about an old king called KING CHRISTIAN!!! Maybe they'll sing about me too one day.
Your album shall be released this year. Any specific ultra-because it's me- teasing sentence you can spit out to the festival guys?
  • Hmm... it's awesome and i am proud of it?! It's quite in style with the single "Electric Lives" and we've already started playing a handfull of the songs live. So people.. get ready!
Best Festival Band you've ever seen.
  • hmm... I saw Kings Of Leon last year.. they're not the best entertainers, but it's the best sound I've ever heard live... like...ever! ..and it was even at a festival! And MAN, do they have the songs!!

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