Reporters Announce 'Only Noise' EP

Reporters have announced a brand new EP, titled Only Noise, due out May 11th via Phret Records.

Only Noise is their second release, with the first being put out just last year and all on their own label, Phret Records. The Milton Keynes duo are making a stand with a dark, lo-fi jam that consists of hazy chords and electric energy rippling through the disruptive tones. Setting a high bar for the rest of the EP, the title track 'Only Noise' hits a contrasting effect of a very rich, mature youth. Frontman Dan Stock has also spoke about this, saying "I wanted to capture a youthful energy without it sounding cliched or throwaway". And this is definitely not throwaway, it has the potential to exist in our minds for a long time with honest, memorable lyrics.

The extended play was recorded over at Far Heath studios last December but, finally, all three tracks are ready to make an appearance and be available for us to hear. Being just 18 years old, this EP becomes an impressive piece of work showing an ability above their age and a promising future for the musical talents they hold. Only Noise is a release that will push them further into that specific sound they have and allow them to be noticed for the buzz music they are creating.

Only Noise track list:
1. Only Noise
2. Easy Does It
3. In A Minute (Acoustic)

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