SO CLUED UP :: 3 Things That Really Grinds My Gears

First off, I'm not going to name any names here but if the shoe fits ... in my day to day life there's a lot of people that fuck me off, for many reasons, normally for something quite trivial to some, but to me it's something that I wanna get rid of.

  • That shit stirrer you work with - why spread shit around the workplace when it's not true. You know the type, normally less attractive and socially inept, they make stories of others to make themselves centre of attention and therefore feel like they're a part of a clique. I get that your husband doesn't give it to you, but I can see why, I get that you've got issues with your mum and dad, but that's your fault for being an obnoxious child, not my fault you can't hold down a boyfriend, it's a bit funny really!

  • Spongers - now this is a wide group of people, the one I'm going to focus on is people that expect things from parents and or do not deserve the things they have. You know the type of person that spends way too long at your place, the ones that live rent free at home, the ones who complain about the government and don't fucking vote (why NOT vote then complain about something you don't 'care' about). In summary, people that haven't worked for what they have, people that are fucking lazy and in short, spongers.

  • UKIP voters - you do realise that possibly voting for them in the European Elections might be a better choice right! Way to be a big moron about things too, 'lets secure the borders' and stop the immigrants, ok - lets. But that will really fuck up the country in a generation easy. Think about all of those people exiled by their country due to war, famine, and generally wanting a better life. Surely that's a good thing that people want to live in the UK. Think of all of our best athletes, England would be fucked at most sports if we restrict the immigration laws. Just don't be a prick every time a non-white person gets in your way, gets your order wrong or 'pisses you off'.