SO CLUED UP :: MDMA can help create more meaningful relationships

Studies have shown that MDMA can help create some more meaningful relationships for people with theirs on the brink.

Posted in the Journal for Psychopharmacology - you can read an extract from an interview with one of the writers of the paper below, that basically shows us why people fucking love each other when they take it, and why you get those wide-eyed people at festivals asking you to help them eat their food!

"With MDMA, you get these really increased feelings of sociability and closeness with others. When you’re on MDMA, you tend to focus on positive social-emotional stimuli, and you’re less reactive to negative emotional stimuli, such as fearful or angry faces."

Another extract reads.
"On a psychological level, our volunteers felt more insightful and confident about their feelings while on MDMA. This seemed like a different, more unusual type of drug effect than simply being talkative and feeling good."