Thomston reveals new track "Expiry Date"

With over 6 million streams on Spotify alone, the new signing by Lorde's manager is on course to be bigger than Lorde herself. We've been a fan of Thomston's for a while, and his new track comes just days before his first ever European and UK dates which starts this week. Being only 19 he has his whole future ahead of himself, and with his blend of RnB, Pop and Chillout elements, he's going to be taking the world by storm in the coming years!

Describing "Expiry Date", Thomston writes: "When I released my first EP I was a nervous wreck. I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t eat much. So my manager booked me a day in studio, told me to turn off my Wi-Fi and focus on making a song to take my mind off things. "Expiry Date" is all the things about this job that terrifies me. It’s the idea that pop stars have a shelf-life, the prospect of losing everything you worked for, but it’s also a promise to everyone on my team that I will work as hard as I can."