Track of the week... Bacchus - Hope

We get a lot of emails sent to us daily, and today we were paying close attention to our emails, and something really magical came to us. Bacchus (aka Chip) has a brand new EP out now, and his lead track is "Hope". From the start of the track it feels like a gentle one, just Chip's crisp vocals, piano keys and a smooth string section in the background.

I'd like to compare him to Tom Odell or even to Rhodes' early work in the respect to how raw the talent is and how stripped back the track is. In the latter half of the track a guitar comes in, laden with delay and reverb it gives the track that added layer, and so does the drum beat that drives the track further. His vocals increase in intensity too, but still keeping that magic spark that ignited out interest in him. It's the perfect track for a gentle romantic evening at home, he's going to be huge someday!

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