Track of the week... BOA - Wasted

From their very first track "If You Stay", we knew that we'd be a fan of BOA's, and over the last few months we've been listening to them (look at my stats if you will), and their latest effort is another big explosion on the music industries radar. "Wasted" is a more relaxed track than it's predecessors but features a new vocalist, the final member not to feature on a track - tagged as 'JL'.

His vocals are deeper than the other two and gives the band extra ammunition in their arsenal, a killer blow for any other band out there, they have something that a lot of other acts don't have, multiple vocalists, and they're all pretty damn good at it too. Anyway, back to the track, it features some smooth auto-tuned style harmonics, light guitar tones and a sound that's similar to Snakadaktal's d├ębut album. As the track erupts in the last few 30 seconds or so there is a beast within them that wants to be freed, a wash of guitars and a sense of urgency, if anything, this track makes us want more!