Track of the week... Sahara - Green Light

Bet they weren't expecting this one - I was going to do the usual news article post on their brand new track "Green Light", but after listening to it I had to do more, but how, oh yeah, TRACK OF THE WEEK. This is the latest effort to come from the London and Brighton outfit and it's their biggest track yet. As they brilliantly put in their Soundcloud bio -"Influences ranging from 40 year-old men" - this track has a whiff of 80's anthematic rock, combine that with their more modern influences with the usual Foals comparison not going a miss here, the band have clearly worked hard on this one.

With a gentle entry to the track, it sounds like something straight out from Foals' CCTV sessions, so brilliantly recorded, and so elegantly laid down. As the track progresses it builds and builds, with more atmospheric cues and guitars. The vocals on the track just clearly shout out that they wanted to be sung by the masses, and I can easily see this being a track I'm personally going to be playing a lot over the coming months!

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