When Bloc Party last took to the stage…

You've probably heard the news that Bloc Party have announced their first live shows since the summer of 2013.
We had the pleasure of seeing the band perform at one of their 2013 shows. Read our thoughts on this strange, sad yet wonderful set:

"#1: Bloc Party's last stand?
I guess the reason this set is so firmly etched into my memory is down to two facts: #1 Bloc Party live (enough said), #2 the once-in-a-lifetime atmosphere their set in the German summer sun had. 
Let me explain: I was standing at one of Southside Festivals' (southern Germany) four stages with a friend who was just as excited at seeing indie royalty live as I was. Massively popular German rapper Marteria was playing on the second main stage, meaning that only “real” Bloc Party fans had made their way to see the London band. When a young presenter appeared on stage nobody was expecting to hear the news that Bloc Party had decided to split up for real this time and would end their time together after the festival season (it thankfully turned out to be yet another hiatus). Whilst Bloc Party made their way onstage everyone in the crowd realized that this would most likely be our last ever chance to see a band so firmly implemented into indie music as few others are. The first five songs of their set were quiet songs (“So Here We Are” etc.), which gave their opening an eery feeling. Suddenly the sad-faced and gum-chewing Kele raised his voice and told the crowd to liven up, not be sad and enjoy the day, as would he. Following this statement Bloc Party exploded into an energy packed “Banquet”, leading to the rest of the set being really upbeat and Kele not being able to stop smiling. I'd never experienced such a melancholic, disturbed atmosphere at a festival. And I'll never forget the sudden change of mood that Kele's short speed provoked that day."