6 Ghastly Glastonbury Clashes to Avoid

It's the inevitable nightmare of Glastonbury every year. You can double-check your clash finder as many times as you wish, triple-check the official Glastonbury app, but there's just no way of avoiding the gargantuan of clashes.

The saying "Well I could watch them and then catch the end of those?" will not do. Glastonbury is huge and with 170,000 people walking in every direction, you're stuck in the mud. So we've compiled a list of the worst clashes over the weekend and tips on how best to avoid them.


Jungle 4:30pm, Other Stage 
Wolf Alice 5pm, The Park Stage
Peace 5pm, John Peel Stage

No, what did we say? You can't catch the start of Jungle and then get to the others in enough time! Jungle drew one of the biggest crowds last year at the John Peel Stage, and could throw an even bigger show this year. Wolf Alice and Peace are chummy so may be quietly competing on winning the crowds over.

Our tip: Wolf Alice. This band are about to get huge and their debut album is just about to drop. You can always catch Peace at the Rabbit Hole the same night at 8:30pm.

Florence And The Machine 9.30 (ish), Pyramid Stage
Mark Ronson 9pm, Other Stage
Jamie XX 9.30pm, The Park Stage
Hot Chip 10.15pm, West Holts

If three acts clashing wasn't bad enough, try four. This raises a few eyebrows and a few utterances of "who the fuck booked these time slots!?" but that's the brilliant variety of Glastonbury. Florence has been bumped up the order and there's only one way to find out if she's headliner material... Elsewhere Mark Ronson, Jamie XX and Hot Chip are all bound to bring party vibes, with Hot Chip going on into the night.

Our tip: It's got to be Florence. It's going to be a landmark performance and could go down in Glastonbury history for better or worse. The rest you'll be able to catch at other festivals, and with Jamie XX on the up, expect many more chances to see him.


Slaves 2pm, John Peel Stage
Everything Everything 2.30pm, William's Green

The John Peel Stage is infamous for blowing up acts. Last year Royal Blood, George Ezra and Jungle all propelled their career from there. Slaves could just about do the same this year. Everything Everything on the other hand are about to release their third album. It's big, big enough to fill William's Green that's for sure.

Our tip: Take your pick! Both bands are playing two sets each so you can catch Slaves the same night at the Hell Stage or Everything Everything on the Other Stage on Friday.

Pharrell Williams 8pm, Pyramid Stage
Ben Howard 8.40pm, Other Stage

Pharrell Williams will be hoping to keep the sunshine out for his Saturday evening performance and it's a rare chance you'll get to see one of the biggest names around right now. If you fancy something more unexpected though, go for Ben Howard.

Our tip: Ben Howard. He's become a masterfully moody musician who has the ability to switch at any time. Hopefully his performance will live up to Glastonbury folklore rather than turning his back on thousands and telling them to 'f off'.


Alt-J 5.45pm, Pyramid Stage
Charli XCX 5.50pm, John Peel Stage

Two opposite ends of the spectrum here, but each are bound to put on two of the best shows of the festival. Charli XCX has proved she's a worthy pop star with rock star attitude, whereas Alt-J have just kept being themselves and put on one of the tightest live shows around.

Our tip: Alt-J. It's always good for bands to put on a decent show but Alt-J take it to new levels. Their show is crisper than their records and more gooey than the mud beneath your feet. How? You'll have to go and see for yourself.

The Who 9.45pm, Pyramid Stage
The Chemical Brothers 9.45pm, The Chemical Brothers
Mini Mansions 10pm, Rabbit Hole

No one saw this one coming. The Who headline Glastonbury on the 50th year of their career. It's huge for them, but for the majority of the audience? We're not convinced. The Chemical Brothers will look to put on the final party of the weekend whereas Mini Mansions will burrow themselves in the Rabbit Hole. Could they be accompanied by a certain Alex Turner? It could happen.

Our tip: It's the last night so choose wisely. Mini Mansions towing in Alex Turner could be a long shot and The Who are your dad's favourite band not yours right? Go for The Chemical Brothers. Past and present work point all indicators towards them to seal the deal on the Sunday night.

Aside from the clashes though, there's tonnes of other acts to go and watch. Make sure you do download the official Glastonbury EE app. It'll come in handy when your up to your eyeballs in times, stages and obscure band names.