Gig Review... Casper @ Olypiastadion, Munich, 27th June 2015

If ever there was a rapper who could please both rap and indie lovers it was Germany's Casper. His albums "XOXO" and "Hinterland" sported characteristic indie tunes with Casper's rough voice rapping over them. By exchanging his band for a DJ at his summer shows he's lost one of the reasons the German indie scene got really excited by rap.
Casper took to the stage in the grounds of Munich's Olympic Stadium (the place England beat Germany 5-1 in 2001) in front of 6000 fans.
Performing a mixture of old favourites, newer tracks and samples from other artists (including Bilderbuch) on top of Red Bull's tour bus, Casper let himself down by being slightly too drunk and having to restart songs due to him missing his cues.
Nonetheless, the crowd loved every second of his set - singing, jumping and moshing away.
And though the set was far from perfection the majority of the audience left the venue with huge smiles just as the sun was going down.