Glastonbury 2015 - What to do on Wednesday

The music doesn't start on Friday like everyone thinks, it actually gets going noon Wednesday, usually hours and even a day ahead of some punters arrival.

1 - Climb to the top of the hill and take a photo with the Glastonbury sign, it's quite a good work-out and try and do it while sober, then get pissed up there and try and walk down again, it's amazing looking over the festival when it plunges into darkness.

2 - Go and see Mik Artistik- He's on at the Croissant Neuf Bandstand, and if not there check out the Glastonbury app by EE - always a laugh if you've had some cider, sober or even if you're with the kids! 

3 - Walk around the site in peace and quiet - It's a really amazing place to be when there is only a small amount of people there, take some pictures and frolic around the grass before it turns muddy.

4 - Head over the the Pyramid Stage and gaze at it while they're putting the finishing touches to it.

5 - Go to the green fields and take in a seminar on global warming and get your hair done by some lovely hippie types. You can get some really cool Glasto memorabilia from here too, bracelets, organic clothing and plenty of people that will open your mind to many things!

6 - Head over to The Park and find the sing-a-long tent, where anyone can sing in a band and perform. Throw in some great song names and the band will perform them! Well worth a visit if you're good on an instrument!

7 - Be amazed by Arcadia, sometimes they have trial runs with the flame throwers, if it's raining... it'll keep you warm!

8 - Go to the Cider Bus, in-between The Pyramid Stage and William's Green. They have 10+% ciders (some even have a dash of rum in them too), warm cider and proper cider - y'know, Somerset cider, none of your Brothers type supermarket bring it in a can stuff!

9 - Wait until dark and go for a wander, it's one of the best experiences around! You can find anything if you look hard enough, I saw a Wizard play the Dr Who theme tune on a guitar last year and then went to a rave, mad right!

10 - Find the TreeCafe bar near The Park and sip on some juicy Pimms! It's located in-between The Tower and the Glastonbury sign.