Glastonbury Weather Report - on 12th June 2015

Early predictions say it's going to be a wet one, with some sunshine, but mainly storms and rain - YAY! Information taken from Accuweather is as follows. I'd like to point out that this early on, with two weeks to go, that it's not very accurate and is only a very rough guess. If only it was like 2013's weather, then we'd all be happy!

The weather at Glastonbury at noon on the Wednesday last year - BLISS

Wednesday 24th June
Mostly cloudy throughout the day, with temperatures ranging from 13-23'C.

Thursday 25th June 
Mild with a chance of rain and a couple of thunderstorms, again with temperatures from 13-22'C.

Friday 26th June 
Mild with showers, and the potential of thunderstorms, with temperatures around 13-23'C

Saturday 27th June
Rainy intervals, with temperatures at 13-23'C.

Sunday 28th June  
Cloudy and mild with a thunderstorm likely, temperatures around 13-23'C.