[INTRODUCING] Bad Breeding

"Punk took root in local scenes that tended to reject association with the mainstream." A quote so heavily used in specialised books on the history of a genre that was born out of others such as garage-rock. For Bad Breeding, their local scene sits silently in the United Kingdom with a bad reputation and a historic reputation for being a place with minimal entertainment.

Stevenage is not the town you would expect one of the most interesting punk bands of the last few years to come from. But they do and they’re throwing themselves round like Steve Coogan in 24 Hour Party Party at the Sex Pistols gig. Their music suits the rebellious appeal of the late 70s, with hard-edged melodies and anti-political messages - demonstrated by Burn This Flag, a single released by the four-piece. Their titles speak volume - Age of Nothing immediately reiterates the messages thrown around by the youth of Britain - no future, no guidance and the government are out to get us.

Take one listen to Bad Breeding and you’re instantly thrown into a deep force of aggression, attitude and overwhelming confidence as lead singer, Chris Dodd, self-nominates himself to voice matters that other artists of 2015 are scared to do. While some may struggle to keep up with the fast-paced, empowering motion of their music, it’s hard to take yourself out of the protesting world that they so cleverly create. Even more so in their live shows, which show anarchy and torment in front of your eyes.

This isn’t another project that went too far, this is four musicians ready to stand for justice and have their say on the most topical matters. Bad Breeding are here to make the United Kingdom, and perhaps the world, protest.

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