[LISTEN] One Sentence. Supervisor - Oh! What An Empire TM

Swiss Dream-Gaze-Pop-Legends One Sentence. Supervisor drops another sick-ass trippy track off their actual guideline of releasing songs each month. "Oh What" sounds like a dreamy glitchy pop-song filled up with heavenly guitarlines who could only come out of a somewhat long haired Doughnut. Round and shiny as the icey sugar-topped bun. Another significant number.

It's their third and yet favourite song of the "what ever there will come it will blow our minds" compilation and row of it's artificial concept "Temporär Musik". Keep on keepin' on boys.
This song is nothing more than this awkward feeling when a sunny day turns into a cloudy dark grey one but it's still hot. Feeling ok but soon something will happen. I must be lying if I misheard the line "Waves of thunder all over my head". A song which forms a picture and a movie. All I need, all I ever need.

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Written by - Nicholas Streichenberg