[LISTEN] The Watermelons - Best of You

No this is not a Foo Fighters cover, rather a rather spritely new track from The Watermelons. Hailing from Brighton, The Watermelons are set to release their new single "Best Of You" on the 13th July a week before their forthcoming d├ębut EP of the same name comes out. The track is one of those Indie-Pop gems that you'll be bouncing to all summertime. Imagine if The 1975 were influenced by 90's music, then that's The Watermelons, be sure to catch them live too - dates are below.

The Watermelons Live London Shows

13th @ Spice of Life
27th @ Surya
4th @ AlleyCat
17th @ Smiths of Spitafields
24th @ Amersham Arms