The 1975's Top 10 Tracks - (IMO)

We've had a lovely ride with The 1975, and it looks like it's set to end. With all the hoo hah about that post on social media the other day, and the subsequent deletion of their accounts has made a lot of people upset, and for me (Fred) a little bit saddened, as I'm a fan of their more 'electronic' and 'experimental' side the top 10 may not be to your taste, but it's a top 10 none the less!

The band simply grew far too quickly, which these days is a hidden curse - yes the fame might be amazing, but for bands there does seem to be a ceiling, and as soon as they hit that their career stagnates. But enough of that, we're here to celebrate the band, and the TOP 10 tracks that involve one way or another - The 1975 - so this does include remixes!

10 - Travis $cott - Drive (The 1975 Remix)

9 - Me


8 - Medicine


7 - Sex

6 - So Good To Me (Chris Malinchak Cover)

5 - Intro/Set 3

4 - Haunt//Bed


3 - Robbers

2 - YOU


1 - Head.Cars.Bending