Ben Howard, Bombay and More; Citadel In Photos

We went to Victoria Park on Sunday to immerse ourselves in the very first Citadel festival. Here's our favourite photos of the day.

Citadel, photos by Josh Shreeve
Glasgow duo Honeyblood were one of the early-starters on the Communion Stage.
Stina Tweeddale gets the crowd bouncing.
Dan Croll played an early evening slot on the same stage to a sun-kissed crowd.
Followed by Nick Mulvey who headlined the Communion Stage.
Nick Mulvey performed an upbeat 'Nitrous Man'.
Festival-goers take shade.
Bombay Bicycle Club's Jack Steadman blesses the Citadel crowd. 
The band opened their set with 2014's 'Overdone'.
The four-piece also played  'It's Alright Now', 'Luna', and 'Home By Now' from their third album, 'So Long, See You Tomorrow'.
Jack Steadman and Ed Nash thrash out old hits 'What If' and 'Evening Morning'
Fans go wild for the confetti cannons and streamers to round off the bands set. It's only one of three festival appearances for them this year.
A tentative Ben Howard peers up at the crowd with opening 'Small Things'.
The singer remained silent between songs as he played the majority of his new album, 'I Forget Where We Were'.
There's cheers from the crowd though when Howard plays older hits such as 'Keep Your Head Up'.

Sunsets on Citadel for its first year...
...until next year.

Photos by Josh Shreeve