Few months ago we already introduced to you: A great duo from Bern doing perfect indie-pop. Like you should do it. Synth-Hymns until you shit in your own pants. Perfectionism is very due nowadays. Look at Tame Impala, look at Hozier. Now hear "There Is No Love" from the brilliant WAM.

Great appetizer of melodies in the beginning and it's going on for a while. Massive vocal line and generally all extremely smooth, warm drums. Produced by Basel's Indie-Wizzard P. Laffer, the band got surely inspired by his production-art. To keep drums low and shut. Therefore no epic sounds here. But clear hooks.

What is there to come? An album, another single? A full length Studio documentary? We don't know. But what they achieved is that we wonder. The only thing you need to do as a young project.
Well done then. Congrats, you let me wonder.

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