[MIXTAPE REVIEW] RAT BOY- Neighbourhood Watch

19 year old Essex kid Jordan Cardy is continuing to reign with a vengeance with the release of his new 23 minute long mixtape ‘Neighbourhood Watch’. It explores the political issues of contemporary society as well as bringing about the social problems involved in day to day London life. The introductory track sets the scene faultlessly ensuring that the listener becomes familiar with the idea of sampling immediately. Promptly followed by ‘Knock Knock’, the Rat Boy sound is already driving the mixtape through, with countless guitar riffs, confident rants such as ‘young dumb and living off mum’ and Jamie T-esque vocals layering the track. Jordan Cardy ensures that the youth of today can relate to the issues of society through his music and express their own opinions without feeling limited. The interludes are a great way of permitting interpretation of the tracks by including numerous samples from political speeches as well as sound effects such as sirens which highlight the average metropolitan atmosphere in the U.K. ‘Splendid Young Man’ continues with usage of the siren sounds.

Rhythm is seen to be a key aspect of the mixtape as the jolts contribute to the atmosphere of an unstable, broken society. Despite this, the whole of Neighbourhood Watch flows effortlessly which reflects that normality is never smooth but still works. ‘Becca Becca Becca’ is most definitely one of the stronger tracks, with its clever, familiar lyrics embellishing the continuous guitar chords. Relatable lines such as ‘Cameron’s cuts’ and ‘handing in a CV parents don’t believe me’ permit the song to be an anthem for all the young generation of the present day. The penultimate track ‘Girly Drinks are Nice’ expresses Rat Boy’s tongue in cheek way of thinking by using drinks to highlight gender stereotypes. Overall, he tackles numerous key issues through the mixtape which is highly commendable. ‘Violent Glare’ ends the mixtape perfectly, allowing the line ‘homeless people on the street in expensive clothes’ to resonate in one’s head and realise what kind of messed up society we actually live in!? Jordan Cardy is undoubtedly one of the most unique, exciting and relatable artists out there, with fresh new ideas and sounds constantly being explored. I look forward to hearing what’s coming next!

Rat Boy’s first headline tour takes place in October 2015, followed by supporting the1975 on their UK tour in November.

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