[SINGLE REVIEW] Goat - It's Time For Fun

Goat are chanting and truth telling. From what seems like a terribly dull as ditch water description, this will be the most exciting and the most irresistible situation you have ever had the unfortunate luck of finding yourself in. ‘It’s time for fun’ which was recorded in New York has made such sparse and haunting optimism sound demonic and claustrophobic.

Goat have created an incessant doom-laden bassline that worships the sun and the sheer primal and thick howling at the end is confusing as to whether it is a call for harmony or a cry for help. However, whatever happens, being with Goat and rampaging serenely naked around a small Swedish village is the best option for all our safety.

The single will be out on 7" vinyl on the 7th of August via Stranded Rekords (Scandinavia) / Sub Pop (USA) / Rocket Recordings (Rest of the world).

Written by - Mollie Davidson

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