Bloc Party perform two new tracks at first gig after hiatus

Bloc Party performed at the Glass House in Pamona, CA last night, and they performed two brand new tracks, "Edon" which opened the set and "Exes" which we're heard before in an acoustic format on Triple J earlier on this year.

Scroll on down to check the setlist out and the new songs!

Bloc Party played...
  1. Edon - (live debut)
  2. Hunting for Witches
  3. Positive Tension
  4. Real Talk
  5. Waiting for the 7.18
  6. Song for Clay (Disappear Here) - ('Kele - Tenderoni' Intro)
  7. Banquet
  8. One More Chance
  9. Trojan Horse
  10. Ratchet
  11. So He Begins to Lie
  12. Octopus
  13. Exes - (live d├ębut - new members of the band were introduced before the song)
  14. Helicopter
  15. Flux
  16. This Modern Love