Bloc Party's Kele tells all about their new album

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph in Australia, Kele has shared some info on the departures from the band over the last two years, and gives us some insights to what the next chapter of the band is.

He started out by saying "If things hadn’t changed we wouldn’t be making any more music." Before going on to add that he and Russell always wanted to carry on.
"On some level I’d missed the band but I knew we were coming back together again, that’s what Russell and I wanted. It wasn’t a case of not knowing what was going to happen. I knew at the end of us touring Four that I wanted to make another (Bloc Party) record, with Russell. It felt like finally this big weight had been lifted from us as a band, we needed to make a record.

Obviously everyone is aware of the line-up situation, this stuff is just coming to light now but we dealt with this two years ago. We had our fights and our conversations two years ago. It was a mutual decision, to be honest. I knew two years ago this is where I wanted to be, I wanted to be making a record with Russell. I’m looking forward to the idea of touring."
Kele also said - "I think Russell and I are Bloc Party and always have been. We write all the music, we always have done." However before unveiling any info on the members he said "We recorded the album with some people, we’ve been rehearsing with other people. It’s been an ongoing process".

Some fans have been wary of Bloc Party not sounding like they use to before live, but he's dismissed this by stating
"Obviously we’re a band who have released four albums and we have a name but I think it would be equally exciting for us to re imagine some of our back catalogue into a way that we will feel comfortable about performing it now. That’s the amazing thing about working with (new) musicians, everybody expresses themselves in a completely different way. No two drummers or no two guitarists play in the same way. It’d be nice to maybe give some of our back catalogue a different feel, so the other musicians feel like they’re part of the process rather than just hired hands.
The range of the songs is quite extreme and quite diverse. Right now I have no idea what’s going to be on the record. I have some idea, or I think have some idea, but it’s not only my choice. We all have different ideas about what is good.
In terms of an overall aesthetic, it definitely feels like we’ve moved into a different place in terms of recording and arranging. It’s us but it feels like it’s us in a way that we haven’t ever been before. It’s been very interesting watching Russell play the guitar, he’s using his instrument in a way I’ve never seen anyone use it. He’s always had a mind for effects and gadgets and whatnot, but with this record he’s taking his playing off the fretboard and it’s something else. I’m excited to get in front of people. When we go in and listen to the new songs they feel like they’re coming from a different place. That’s a good feeling to have."