[EP STREAM] The Casual - Lust [IAI PREMIÈRE]

Today's Monday, today's a new week, and what makes it better than every other Monday recently is that we've got The Casual's brand new EP streaming exclusively here!

The EP is very anthem heavy, with deep synth pulses, funky choruses and catchy lyrics. The band seem to be on course for world domination if you're going on this! The EP is full of Pop-Rock hooks and an Indie-Rock approach, the band have struck gold with this one!

The band said - "We are beyond excited to finally be able to show all of our fans what we have been tirelessly working on for months. We have put all of our effort into ensuring that these songs stand out to all those who hear, and we are very proud of the outcome. We hope this EP shows our fans, and everyone, who we are: The Casual."

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