Flying Vinyl

You may or may not have heard of Flying Vinyl, but it's a service that is definitely becoming more and more well known in the indie community. With vinyl sales on an impressive rise, this UK based company have figured out a way to distrubute new music to fans on their favourite format, vinyl. You pay £20 a month (free UK shipping) and each month you will be sent a box containing five new singles that have been exclusively pressed for Flying Vinyl. You will also recieve a small magazine with information about each artist in the box.

Flying Vinyl sent me a copy of the latest box to check out. It includes music from Eaves, Meadowlark, Idle Frets, Moon King and Kagoule. The box arrived promplty, though I was away at the time. When I returned, checking out the new music was the first thing I did. It comes in perfect sized packaging that fits the singles in perfectly. It's a slip design and very easy to open, unlike the plastic covering that's normally over records that are an absolute nightmare!

I flicked through the magazine which contained a couple of paragraphs on each artist with a photograph of them which is great for extra insight on the band. I started to spin the records and the first thing I noticed was the great quality. The vinyl is well cut and clean and it sounds great. Obviously having a good record player helps that, but regardless, there is no rough cutting that I've experienced with two LPs before.

It's most certainly worth the money when you think about it. The cheapest you're going to get a single for is about £5 so when you add that up and the shipping on top of that, £20 feels like a fair deal. It may not be so great if you're a student or worrying about rent and what-else, but if you are in the mood to get new music posted straight to your door, then I do recommend you check out Flying Vinyl.