[LISTEN] French Films - You Are The Sun

Heureka, Finnish Rock'n'Rollers French Films who early 10's took over the world with their cooler Psych-Surf-Rock over the whole world took a bit time off. Things changed. The music? Hell no man, Keyborder Sanntu left the band and within' their new Guitar Player they overtook a new era. Now what's there to explore? Well, much mates. Very much. They haven't changed their 3-4 chord songs though but (!!!) with the new vocals and specialized lines they come with rocknroll attitued like the animals and beatles. Took it to the 10's and shuffled it with significant FF-Sounds. Check it out. New era of highclass men has begun. And nevermind the "Friday I'm in love" - You will cure it anyways... and shine again like a sun. There you are the sun innit.

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