The first few seconds - you can't even catch breath, you instantly stand up and start to move your feet. Trying to look sexy as this one girl in this 80's movie. You know. Moving in skinny Yogapants with somewhat of AdidasSneakers right out of an early 80's Movie called "Flashdance". If I was you, dear reader, I'd suggest you to buy cowbells and interpret your own beat with it. Or simply play them legendary "Maniac Maaaaaniac" cowbells. And you will feel happy. OSS went (another unsurprisingly time) absolutely right through sky. I've seen/heard this song live and it's tremendously strong. Not sure what I'm loving more: The liveintensity and feedbacks OR, the studioversion built like an 80's Michael Jackson Riff and some smooth progressive Tambourine. (KILLER.)

And they even had the balls to sing in their own language. So if you listen to the end and you feel like "holy-fuck-what-is-this-am-I-getting-crazy-I-should-drink-less-herbal-tea-from-this-weird-guy" - then my, dear reader, it's time to understand, that there is more than renominated Up-To-The-Sky-80's significant revival bands who've been pushed the past few years. OSS are stomping. Stomping to stop bands with narrow-minded studioversions of their banger tracks whose interprets playing live. Remember "Dig!" when a guy told you that the TBJTM had created their own world? Finally 20 Years later bands trying this more and more over and over again to create one... Luckely some tracks and themes are igniting their world now into a shining sun.

Wanna glow like her too? Have a listen and dance brother. DANCE!

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