[LISTEN] - Perfect Lines - Northeast Party House

Northeast Party House are a really interesting band, who like to combine their dance-y music with more rock and pop based sounds. Their music is a lot of fun to listen to whether you prefer the dance side or the pop side, but new single Perfect Lines lies on the rock side more than anything.

Garage rock inspired riffs layered with the odd synth which NPH are known for make for an exhilarating listen. When combined with the powerful lead vocals from singer Zac Hamilton-Reeves and the backing vocals that sound like a Gorillaz song, it becomes a fantastic rock song, even if it never truly feels like a rock song.

It's a superb blend of indie-rock and NPH's dance roots that makes for a stunning indie-rock tune. The instrumental part of the song that starts at about 2:30, and is only punctuated by the occasional dreamy vocal, is so punchy and honest, but it still makes you want to dance along with it. Such is the beauty of the band.

Northeast Party House are an Australian band, but are coming to the UK for a few London shows this October, so if you're around London, get down and see them. Their live shows are legendary for their energy and atmosphere.

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