[LISTEN] Tamper - Red Socks Pugie (Foals Cover)

Today is a day we've been waiting for, the day Tamper reveal their latest cover, and who else do they cover but one of the most exciting bands around right about now. Foals! The Brooklyn duo released their first cover, Santigold’s "Disparate Youth", in early June and it is still charting the top 10 of The Hype Machine’s popular page with over 3K hearts.

Here they've reconstructed Foals' track "Red Socks Pugie" from a mathy-angular-indie-pop classic to a chillout anthem, but without forgetting the guitar, slick washing synths and some simple sublime gentle vocals. Tamper live up to their name her, tampering with a classic, but the result is that they've made the song their own, simply one of the most perfect Foals cover we've heard in a long time.

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