[GIG REVIEW] Bang Bang Romeo @ The Cast Theatre, Doncaster, 5th September 2015

Any music fan worth their salt will have been to "small quirky venues" but last night i attended a "large quirky venue". The type of venue that perfectly described the band i witnessed.

The Cast Theatre in Doncaster was the setting for an evening of BBC Introducing live music as part of Mapfest 2015, played in part by Bang Bang Romeo, who pulled out a big, bold, blinder of a set and filled the oddly shaped room easily.

I personally would describe Bang Bang Romeo as sounding like they were made for a film score. Perfectly balancing eery sounding progressions with huge vocal talent of Anastasia who sounds as though she's going to explode into an operatic orgasm at any moment, I could imagine this band behind a film directors dream! 

My ears feel almost tainted by this band now but in a way that i really want to hear some more. Hopefully you'll agree. 

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Genuine and down to earth meeting with them afterwards, they were really appreciative of anyone giving up their time to come watch them which i will certainly be doing again.

Whilst my words may not carry as much weight as Huw Stephens' (who has played these before on his show) I can but recommend this band highly enough and promise you that their sheer effort on stage is worth dragging yourself out the house for.

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