Leeds Festival 2015 - Round-Up

I'm at a stage where I've acquired an almost annual necessity to go to Leeds Festival even if the Line Up doesn't jump off the page at me because every year I find myself in the week after the event thinking that at least 5 or 6 blew me away. This year was no different.

Sundara Karma - Spot on afternoon gig that just hit home for me. Well constructed and beautifully epic indie loveliness that I've played a lot since getting home.

VANT - sticking it to a hungover crowd when hungover themselves just screams rock and roll for me. Expecting them to be on a bigger stage next year!

We Are The Ocean - saw these recently at Tramlines festival and was so impressed i made a B-line for their set. Big tunes of "Good For You" and "Do It Together" should be winging their way through your radio waves some time soon.

Catfish and The Bottlemen - they were always going to pack out the Radio 1/NME tent, it was pretty much a given. Had to begin the gig by giving a safety warning to the crowd, a safety warning that was fully justified when their big hits smashed out the speakers. Flares being let off, a three person shoulder lift moshing and teenage girls not being able to handle the heat were spilling out the tent like lemmings.

The Maccabees - I've always loved The Maccabees but their set this year just endeared me to them even more. Playing their new tunes with perfect quality and timing whilst looking nonchalantly cool. Great set!

Mumford and Sons - answered every question about whether they could headline a festival yet with a great big "F**K YEAH!" Hammering anthem after anthem, with the classic dip in energy in the middle. They proved they're just as rock and roll as anybody in the business at the minute with an epic crowd run by the lead singer, a pushing over of the drum-kit and smoking a cigarette whilst playing. All possibly now clichés but clichés that still entertain. Ended on 'The Wolf' which may prove to be their best tune ever in years down the line.

Safe to say Leeds has had good and proper this year... probably will next year.

Written by - Jase Hare