[TRACK OF THE WEEK] James White - Can We Come Back To That One

Yesterday we announced that Essex based Singer-Songwriter James White will be releasing an EP with proceeds going towards the Red Cross' appeal for the refugee's who're coming into Europe, and today he's uploaded the second half of the mini-EP, the track " Can We Come Back To That One".

James said this about his new track and the release - " Every penny raised from these will go to the people who need our help. The people who took their families to escape certain death, who risk everything each day to save their wives, husbands, kids, parents, grandparents, whatever"

The track is one of James' best yet, with his debut release having over 10,000 organic hits on it without any PR at all he's gone on to write a heart-warming track about love, arguing and making up. It's just bare-bone raw, with his vocals and an acoustic guitar, no flim flam. James' talent shines through here. So why not go and donate £2 for the Refugee crisis, and get two of his tracks too in teh process, win win as far as I'm concerned!

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