It's the album of the week definetely. One-girl-rest-all-boys-bands are up and coming all over. If you're not focused about the still very hidden music scene then you're not completely wrong if you're saying "I don't know anything about up and coming music from non-english-first-language-speaking rocknroll bands man". You can change completely if you want. TODAY. Hurray switzerland, The Konincks are aiming for breaking tambourine in two and stick em up your asses. All over. Theremins as dessert up-and-following. Letting farfisas sounding big and not as it used to for small 50-100 people garage clubs is something you can do if you have balls and strew them all over the floor. And it's not you as a band to gather them again. To collect all your sweat after you've finished a show. It's inserting the thought (brainwash perhaps?), making the audience or the listener think "Goddamn, I need to see, hear, feel these guitars - organs - tremolos - all frequencies actually". It's a class production. Not too classy as this rather vintage sounding record WILTMB is aiming for the mid-big stages. Musicvenues shall shook and rumble baby as soon as Julia and her boys coming up and begin to to do what they can do best. Being silly and very bluesy on stage. If the lately past away King would be proud of these guys and if Michael Hirte should take some serious lessons of the bands bluesharpist... we can only guess. "Creamy" solid short-time-period-Led-Zep-sounding crunchful-CCR-tasting debut album. A-Class womanvox with a-class boyband. That's it, that's all folks.

Read about the leadsinger's fashionable q's I asked her:

The Konincks - New dirty souly blues straight out of the heart of Switzerland.
What's Swiss about you guys?

  • I absolutely hate it when showtime is dealyed. People came for you, people paid for you. So I guess every band should have the decency to get punctual on stage.

How many times you had for the longest vocal take?

  • I tend to put away clocks in the studio. But I remember getting really angry about myself on the titeltrack „While I'm Listening To My Breath“. At some point I thought I've written something that I'm not able to sing myself. Well all in all there are always songs that tickle your confidence but you get along anyway. Not only because you have to also 'cause you want to.

Worst and favourite song on the new one?

  • That's a tricky one! Uhm... There is no such thing as a worst or a favourite song. When I'm in a rather jazzy/bluesy mood I like „Better“, when I feel epic I'd propably listen to „Withering“ or „Told You So“. I'm not sure, I never listen the album now. It makes me jittery.

First time in the studio if yes, what did you learn?
  • No, it wasn't. All four of us have had some studio experience. The first time we've been together as a band in the studio was for our EP „Electric Brew“ in 2014. But of course still, we learned a lot – you always do when you have to grapple with yourself. The most important lession for me personally was maybe to learn to just shut the fuck and make music. Dialogues and discussions within the band are essential, yeah, but sometimes we just have to play and everything takes its course.

Any words about the Swiss music scene?
  • Depends on which scene you're talking about. There's the one with shitty mainstream bands and the one that is incredibly talented and aspiring. No, seriously. The current situation in new pop music isn't too bad, I guess. But yet the blues rock scene in Switzerland isn't awake media-wise. There are few magazines or blogs and radios worry about kick-ass guitar solos. But I have to say that there are  some bands as „Forks“ from Vevey or „Who's Panda“ which are most underrated. You know, maybe it's naiv but I'm still convinced that it'll be enough to write songs, to play 'em and touch people with real music. We'll get by [grins].

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